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Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle for Hepatitis Patients

hepatitis awareness

Author: Express Specialty Pharmacy
Date: July 29th, 2020

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Initial steps to take when it comes to Hepatitis:

  1. Get educated about the illness.
  2. Understanding treatment options.
  3. Knowing how to live with your illness is key for living a healthier life.
  4. Eat a diet that minimizes stress to the liver, foods with low fats and high proteins.
  5. Exercise is important, but it must be safely done. Taking walks or swimming laps can be great, don’t overwork yourself.

What’s next:

  1. Stop drinking alcohol:
    • Hepatitis affects the liver, so it is best to avoid putting more stress on the liver by drinking alcohol.
  2. Pay attention to your medications:
    • Some medications can cause damage to your liver or can have bad side effects if you have liver issues.
  3. Practice safe sex and sanitation:
    • Hepatitis can be spread through sex.
    • Can also be spread through blood, so sharing razors or toothbrushes can also spread the disease.
  4. Eating healthy makes it easier for your liver to break down foods:
    • Stay active, keep your weight in check, and keep your strength up by exercising.
  5. Utilize a strong and supportive social circle (other patients as well)
  6. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated:
    • Drinking water can reduce the negative side effects of medications
  7. Get good sleep:
    • Getting enough sleep helps maintain good health.
  8. Relax:
    • Keep stress levels as low as possible, stress can hurt your immune system.
  9. Avoid focusing on how you contracted hepatitis or panicking about being diagnosed:
    • Doing these things creates more stress which in turn makes a healthy lifestyle more difficult to maintain.
  10. Get screening:
    • Because there are not many symptoms, it is important to get screened to catch the disease before it causes cirrhosis.
  11. Make sure to wash hands and properly sanitize after using the restroom as hepatitis can be spread through stool.