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IG Therapy

infusion bottle with IV solution in the hospital
Express Medical Specialty Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy dedicated to addressing the medication needs of patients through IG therapy.

IG stands for immune globulin; it is a sterile solution of concentrated antibodies extracted from healthy donors which is administered into a vein.

IG is used to treat disorders of the immune system or to boost immune response to serious illness, and to treat immuno-suppressed recipients of bone marrow transplants.


Express Medical Specialty Pharmacy offers the latest, proven-effective medications for IG therapy.

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Rx Forms

Get your prescriptions easier through online referrals.

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Prior Authorization Support

We ensure to make our medications accessible to our patients without adding administrative hassles.

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Our excellence in providing high-quality, advanced, and effective medications are certified by different accreditors.

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Patient Support

Aside from medications, Express Medical Specialty Pharmacy also offers support to patients and their families.

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