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Prior Authorization Support

Prior authorizations are commonly used in the industry, especially in specialty pharmacy since drugs in these pharmacies may cost higher than other medications prescribed by your physician. Hence, various drugs require prior authorization from insurance carriers.

Express Medical Specialty Pharmacy can support you during the process involved in securing prior authorizations for referrals we offer for your patients so you and your staff can focus on providing quality care.

We have a professional team that manages this process. They are trained and knowledgeable in this field, including requesting the right information from you and your staff and filling out paperwork accurately and quickly. We can also help you work with the insurance company afterward. Thus, reducing backlogs and phone tags between the carrier and your practice, allowing your staff to focus on more pressing matters, and providing your patients the opportunity to have easy access to the medicines you prescribed.

However, if the patient does not have enough resources to finance their medications, even with drug coverage from their insurance company, our team can help them find out whether they qualify for financial assistance programs from drug manufacturers and non-profits. We will even manage this process simultaneously as we seek approval from their insurance company.

We ensure to make our medications accessible to our patients without adding administrative hassles.